TINC Program

Collaboration through Innovation

By Andi Kristianto,TINC Founder

Innovation is a fundamental part of creating sustainable business growth. Telkomsel, under Telkomsel Innovation Center (TINC) program, try to embrace and accommodate innovation through collaboration with the local innovator. TINC is established as incubation channel to produce commercial-ready tech innovation.

Collaboration is a strategic step to create a new product. For the innovator, this is an opportunity to utilize Telkomsel's strong core business and business legacy. It's a mutualism that can be explored further. Telkomsel is looking to find insights from startup ecosystem to complement its product lines, while innovator will be facilitated with abundant resources to achieve growth.

TINC Program

Digital innovation cannot work alone. There must be collaboration between innovator, partner, and investor. Innovator tries to realize an idea into an innovation. Investor supports innovator realizing an idea by funding, mentoring, and partnership. Partner is a part of ecosystem to support the innovation to be a scalable and sustainable business. To accelerate this process, Telkomsel is ready to share facility to develop business in a proper way.

TINC Participant

TINC will provide support in several aspects. First one is go-to-market access, utilizing existing consumers and partners. Telkomsel currently has around million customers and thousand of retail partners nationwide. Second one is funding support that will be provided from validation stage to product commercialization process, along with product and business development assistance.

TINC is program for whom who has a strong ambition to develop solutions that be able to solve the real problem and change the world. The opportunity in the future is wide open and this incubation process will bring good credential to the innovators. Together, Telkomsel and innovator want to grow and present proven the digital solution.