TINC stands for Telkomsel Innovation Center, a Telkomsel's incubation program for internal Telkomsel and external parties, specifically focusing on digital-based innovation solution.

The purpose of this program is for collaboration between innovators and Telkomsel to produce new innovative solutions, while jointly incubate those solutions from Research and Development to Commercial phase.

Innovator can register his/her idea for solution at TINC website by clicking the link http://tinc.id/join-as-innovator.html

All innovators (start up) of digital-based solutions. Where the corporate organization is in the form of PT (company).

Innovator is a business entity in the form of PT (perseroan terbatas), where the company is in the process of producing or has produced digital-based innovation solutions, and can unlock potential value by cooperating with Telkomsel.

Investors are either domestic or non-domestic individuals or institutions that make a short term or long term investment (in the form or type of their own choosing) for the TINC program.

Business entities acting as integrators that can address the needs of innovators and Telkomsel in generating digital innovation solutions.

Idea have to be original from the Innovator, able to solve real problems of the target segment , have a clear market and potential growth, and have synergy values with existing Telkomsel business.

"Stages in TINC consist of:

  • 1. Business Idea Generation
  • 2. Protoyping, Development and POC
  • 3. Working Model (small market scale test)
  • 4. Commercial

Keep in mind that not all Innovators should start all the stages from the beginning, we will assess the Innovators to review the maturity level of their offered solution and decide at which stage the Innovator starts the incubation process."

No, the Innovator will first be assessed based on the maturity level of the offered solution. The assessment will be made by Telkomsel's Selection Committee referring to a pre-agreed assessment metrics between Telkomsel and Innovator.

The funding process will be given by Telkomsel after the idea is accepted to the Telkomsel Innovation Center (TINC) program. The funding will be in stages (in accordance with the stages wich will be passed by Innovator), with amount adjusted according to the needs of each stage. The fund will be used mainly for Reserach and Development activity.

The assessment will be conducted by Telkomsel's Selection Committee, referring to the pre-agreed assessment metrics between Telkomsel and Innovator.

If declared failed because it does not meet the criteria of assessment metrics during a given time period, then Innovator can not proceed to the next stage.

The Innovator's idea will remain the Innovator's property, but if Innovators make it into the Commercial Stages at TINC Program the idea ownership will be calculated proportionately.

If Innovator idea passes to the Commercial Stage, the IPR ownership will be calculated proportionately based on Innovator and Telkomsel each contribution.

It is allowed as long as Innovator does not violate the legal agreement with institutions / individuals who previously funded them.

It is allowed as long as the exclusive partner company does not have business activities within the same or similar industry as Telkomsel.

It is allowed as long as the offered solution is targeting the Indonesian market.

The incubation process in TINC have a maximum period of 1 (one) year. If Innovator passed to Commercial stage then Telkomsel will extend the cooperation with a commercial partnership model which will be agreed between Telkomsel and Innovator.

Cooperation model will be partnership with business model that will be determined when Innovator pass to Commercial stage.

Due to the limitations of the maximum file size (max.10Mb), if you want to upload a video then the link for video can be included in the submitted pitchdeck.